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Marijuana Smoker Thought He Was Married, But Wasn’t

by | 22nd, March 2009

ENJOY this case of the stoner who thought he was married, but wasn’t:

A man so muddled by years of marijuana dependency believed he was married to his former flatmate for nearly a decade – a mistake that threatened to derail his wedding to a new partner.

A decade? But it seemd like yesterday…

The man, 38, planned to marry this month but was unable to find the papers to prove to the marriage celebrant he was not still married to his previous partner, which she required because he had listed his marital status as “divorced”.


In 2003 the flatmate gave him a document to sign, which he believed was their divorce papers.

It was not until he contacted his former flatmate for proof of their divorce that she told him it was a residential tenancy agreement.

Which is like a marriage certificate, only fairer…

Spotter: Tim Blair

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