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The New Jade Goody

by | 23rd, March 2009

JADE Goody: Anorak’s at-a-glance look at Jade Goody’s post-reality career, with Liz Jones.

In the Daily Mail, Liz Jones is talking about… well, is that you Jade?

“…is very sick at the moment. He is under the care of two vets – one holistic, the other conventional – and a psychic healer.

He is on four different drugs and an apothecary of herbal remedies. He has failing kidneys and a compromised liver and cannot use his… legs.

He lives at home, with me, and I am with him almost all the time.

I hand-feed him tempting titbits and give him Evian in a pipette and clean up his mess – he often throws up, like a cancer patient.

Jade Goody?

Always at the front of my mind is that he should be allowed to retain his dignity – which he has, so far, just – and that when the time comes, when he has lost any point in being a cat, no longer has any enjoyment in life and is in pain, I will hold a conference call with his three professional healers and I will ask them to end his suffering.

Liz Jones’s cat is poorly.

Spotter: Brian Appleyard

Image: Michael Kritharis

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