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School Bans Dead Girl From Prom For Poor Attendance

by | 25th, March 2009

MEGAN Gillan’s parents have received a letter from her school saying that Megan must do better and improver her attendance.

The letter is clear:

“…students must have at least 92 per cent attendance and Megan’s is currently 60.4pc”…

Any more of this and Megan will be banned from the school prom (what was once called the school disco).

Macclesfield High will not tolerate truancy. Megan is unwell. Megan died on January 19.

Says Mrs Gillan, Megan’s mother:

“I screamed when I first saw it. If they want her to attend that much I’ll take Megan’s remains. It’s disgusting. Megan doesn’t go to that school anymore. She’s been dead for two months now so it’s not surprising her attendance is low. I was pulling myself together to go back to work, but receiving the letter has just floored me.

“Megan would have loved going to the prom. She planned to go with a group of friends, she was really looking forward to it.”

Deputy head G White. Headteacher Ged Ward explains:

“Clearly that letter should not have gone out. I want to make my apology to Megan’s parents and can only apologise for the distress that it has caused. The letter was sent out to all year 11 parents regarding the school prom. We didn’t think to check it. With hindsight we would have checked all 150 of them. The problem is a software problem.”


“Capita has acknowledged to the school that there is a problem with this part of its software and is working to remedy it, because they realise that it could affect other schools. Capita has asked the school to convey their apologies to Mr and Mrs Gillan.”

Phil Neal, managing director of Capita Children’s Services, says:

“What has happened is absolutely tragic and our thoughts are with Megan’s family. Capita Children’s Services supply a software system known as SIMS to Macclesfield High School. Among many other tasks, the software keeps track of pupils’ attendance at the school and the school is able to produce letters to parents based on this information. When a child is no longer attending a school, for whatever reason, the software will allow the school to continue to produce letters to their parents as occasionally it is necessary to do so. It appears that this is what has happened in this case which everyone involved deeply regrets.”

Yes, the computers are to blame.

As Mr Ward said at the time of Megan’s passing:

“Megan was a popular, bright girl, with a promising future ahead of her. She will be missed by everyone. Our thoughts and sympathies go out to her parents and family.”

Missed. And not forgotten, right, Mr Ward…

Next time, check her Bebo page.

Spotter: Manchester Evening News

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