Anorak News | It’s True – Spandau are reforming! Let’s man the barricades!

It’s True – Spandau are reforming! Let’s man the barricades!

by | 26th, March 2009

So the economy is shot to pieces, the weather has gone all miserable again and the next Big Brother is just a couple of months away.

Haven’t we suffered enough?!!!

Apparently not because yesterday Britain’s worst collective nightmare came True… Spandau Ballet announced they were reforming.

Riven apart by artistic differences argument about the cash in 1989 the north London boys have apparently patched up their disagreements and will be embarking on a 25 date national. Shudders.

So why are they doing it? To create that work of pop genius they never got round to the first time? Doubt it and I hope not as that means they’ll unleash another album on us.

Nope it is all about the cash. Like everyone else they want one last pay day. Maybe The Guardian is right they are Thatcherism with a middle eight.

So if the thought of five rather portly middle aged men cavorting round in kilts to tuneless dross like Muscle-bound fills you with terror here’s the Plan B.

We pay ‘em. Come on Britain if you can raise a stonking £50m million for Comic relief (btw that’s about twice Jonathon Ross’s BBC salary) how about getting a few million together to stop messrs Kemp, Hadley et al touring. Come on Spandaus name your price!

We need to nip this in the bud now, after all what might come next. Classix Nouveau? A flock of seagulls? Tight Fit? So come on Britain dream up some money raising ideas. I’ll personally make the ultimate sacrifice and do 24 hours sponsored Will Young listening. Over to you.

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