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Madeleine McCann: ‘Happy And Relaxed’ Kate McCann

by | 29th, March 2009

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Daily Express: “THE parents of Madeleine McCann are planning to give a rare television interview to make a fresh appeal for information which they hope could lead to her being found.”

Planning? Who’s interviewing them?

Kate and Gerry McCann are also considering flying out to Portugal in the coming weeks to boost their renewed efforts there for a breakthrough in the run-up to the second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance on May 3.


A source close to the couple said: “Discussions are taking place now to work out what to do for the anniversary. One idea is for a television appeal from one or both of them”…

Kate and Gerry have also updated their website with a new heartfelt message. They said: “Can you imagine a little girl or boy out there, hoping and waiting to be found but for people then to write them off, forget about them, just because there’s been no ‘news’?

Yes. We are invited to imagine, as we have always been. And would the missing know if the media was focusing on them?

“We urge you to remember Madeleine as a real, living and findable little girl. In spite of all the investigative work done, there is still absolutely nothing to suggest harm to Madeleine and therefore, a very real likelihood that Madeleine is alive and well. It is vital that we never, ever give up on Madeleine.”


Their missing daughter was very much in their thoughts when the couple celebrated Mother’s Day with their other children, twins Amelie and Sean, both three, at a church service last weekend near their home in Rothley, Leicestershire. Amelie, who bares a striking resemblance to Madeleine, clapsed her sister’s favourite Cuddle Cat toy tightly in her hand throughout the service.

And how does this help find Madeleine McCann? Yes, it reminds a world looking on that child is missing. But we are just watching the parents. Now, we are watching the siblings. It is mourn porn, gawping at grief.

For Kate, who looked happy and relaxed, it was her second Mother’s Day without Madeleine, now five.

“Happy and relaxed”? Now, what is hard to imagine…

Madeleine McCann is still missing – and remains a cheap and easy source of news…

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