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George Orwell Would Weep For Nick Cohen

by | 31st, March 2009

NICK Cohen is at the George Orwell Award, and showing all the great and good – the ones who are in the smug club – why it’s an utterly meaningless award that caters to pap and crap.

Nick Cohen gets it.

When you shut up the views that aren’t the established ones, and then give them an award for being on the padded edge of the widely acceptable, you are a bunch of self-serving worthy bastards.

Nick Cohen gets it. And very possibly went back for doubles…

On blogging:

The best reason for wanting my colleagues to survive is that serious reporters and broadcasters offer a guarantee that what they say is true. If they stray, their editors impose journalistic standards and insist on objectivity. They may not have the best or fullest story or the most vivid account, but readers should be able to assume their work is reliable, while a blogger’s commitment to objectivity can never be assumed.

No-one’s objectivity can be assumed.

Spotter: Brian Appleyard

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