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Madonna Matches New Child To Chanel Suit

by | 31st, March 2009

MADONNA is looking for a child. As you were, kids. Madge is no longer in London. She’s in Malawi. And she is dressed to invest:

HuffPo has the sartorial detail (via The Deceiver)

After arriving she toured an impoverished school but refused to talk to reporters. She was, in the words of the AP, “dressed casually” in a black velour tracksuit and white fedora. But that casual look costs about $2,800.


A look at the photos shows her dressed-down attire is a Chanel tracksuit, tone-on-tone labels blazing from her shoulder and the stripes down her leg. Huffington Post placed a call to the 57th Street store in New York Monday with a casual inquiry, and a helpful saleswoman priced a similar ensemble at $2,800.

A zip front jacket is $1,600 and the pants about $1,200. A cheaper alternative to the one Madonna wore in Malawi is the $1,200 pullover jacket.

Madonna is setting trends in Malawi. But the tracksuit will cost – shall we say, one small, photogenic child for the lot?

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