Anorak News | Funeral Home Saws Off Man’s Legs To Fit Coffin

Funeral Home Saws Off Man’s Legs To Fit Coffin

by | 2nd, April 2009

IN Allendale, South Carolina, the local wooden tops are investigating if 6-foot, 5-inch James Hines had his legs removed to he could best fit inside his coffin.

Allendale County Coroner Hayzen Black says that a former worker at Cave Funeral Services alleges that Hines was too tall for his coffin was adapted to fit.

Black has seen the body – exhumed – and spotted “undesirable evidence”.

Says Mr Hines’s widow:

“According to the measurements on the casket, and the funeral director, we asked him, ‘Was this suitable for his length?’ and he said, ‘Yes that will be perfect.'”

What to do?

Hines told WJBF that her family has used Cave Funeral Services for a number of years, and she isn’t sure what the family will do in the future if the allegations are true.

Curl up and die?

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