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Muslim Mum Banned From Teachers’ Night For Wearing Veil

by | 3rd, April 2009

TO parents evening at Our Lady and St John Catholic Art College, in Blackburn, Lancs, where an old girl, and mother-of-one, is sporting a full veil which covers every part of the body except the eyes..

The headmistress sends the mother home, citing health and safety and security infringements. She says visitors’ faces should be visible at all times. Right now a million schoolgirls are unrolling the hems of their skirts and plotting to get off school.

Speaking through the gap in her outfit, the mother from Blackburn says:

“I don’t like going to the school anymore because I leave crying. I can understand that people should be identified but I am just a normal person, trying to lead a normal life. Why should how I dress make a difference?”

Of course, if how she dressed made no difference, she may see less need to dress in a burqa.

She goes on:

“In September 2007, when I attended a parents’ evening I got told not to go into the hall because I was wearing a veil. I explained I was willing to take the veil off in front of female teachers but not the male teachers.”

The Mail puts the event in context, and makes matter worse:

The school already had a policy which ruled that hoodies and crash helmets need to be removed before access is granted to the school but after the incident in 2007 this was amended to include full-face veils.

Anjum Anwar, chair of Woman’s Voice, an advice group for the Asian community in Lancashire, takes up the cause:

“After meeting with the headteacher and governing body, we had hoped that the situation would have been resolved. We are saddened to hear this young lady is still not given access to participate in her child’s education because of her faith.”

Helmut Hetz, chair of the Society of Rubber Fetishists, agrees.

But headteacher Colette Gillen offers an easy solution – no, not to dress everyone in a veil and when it comes to parent-teacher times trot out the same platitudes and advice to each parent, nor to make all the male teachers wear veils and pass them off as “Miss”. No.

She has offered to set up one-to-one meetings between the woman and staff members in her private office.

Says The Voice of Anorak:

Why people are talking about fashion when Our Jade is not yet buried shows how far this once great country has fallen. It’s makes us sick!

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