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Madeleine McCann Is Not In Portugal

by | 8th, April 2009

THE news of Madeleine McCann is – as ever – not about the missing child: it’s about her parents. Gerry and Kate McCann are innocent but still we stare.

The latest flurry of news is that posters of the missing child have been ripped down in Praia da Luz.

Irish Herald: Letters.

I find it astonishing that posters of missing child Madeleine McCann have been torn down in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz. All he’s doing is trying to keep the memory of his daughter alive, in the hope that one day she will be found.

Daily Star:

ANGRY locals barracked Gerry McCann as he filmed a reconstruction in the resort where daughter Maddeleine vanished. One sacked worker raged at Gerry: “Go home, leave us alone” while others ripped down posters put up for a fresh appeal…

One. At least the Star is sticking to facts. But what of the posters?

December 12, 2007:

“The people of Praia da Luz were incredibly supportive when Kate and Gerry were there and we believe that affection and support is still there…


So this is poster ripping is nothing new. Now:

His trip came as 21 staff were sacked at the Ocean Club complex in Praia da Luz, Por-tugal, where the couple stayed in 2007.

Are the two things related?

One bar owner fumed: “We had more than our fair share of bad publicity when Madeleine went missing.”

So you blame the parents?

The local waiters already have blamed the McCanns – wrongly: October, 2007:

Daily Mail: “Gerry McCann ‘heckled’ in Portugal as he returns to film reconstruction of Madeleine’s disappearance”

Lambasting the parents now seems to be the accepted norm.

The Sun: “Praia da Luz workers ‘to sue’

They were told by letter that as well as the world economic crisis and the falling pound, there was a downturn in business due to Maddie’s disappearance in 2007.

Perspective is all. Recession. The expensive euro. Reasons to stop Britons travelling overseas. Oh, and Madeleine McCann…

“We worked from 8.30am until midnight just to protect them. We did everything, we helped with the searches, we looked everywhere, and this is how we are thanked. Gerry didn’t want to come here when the Polícia Judiciária contacted him. Why does he come now? Does he want to push this place even lower than it already is? Hasn’t he realised yet that we live off tourism? There are 21 ruined families. It looks like he is mocking us.”

Ruined families. What happened to there for the grace of God, and how Madeleine’s vanishing as every parent’s worst nightmare?

But wasn’t Our Maddie good for trade? He went on a Maddie Tour: Jasper Gerard – What I Did On My Holidays.

And – Madeleine McCann: A Tourist Site?

And she added that all the employees were thinking about suing the couple.

For what? Having their child go missing?

“We hurt nobody, all we want is our work, to be left alone and that the tourists return. Mr McCann should disappear from here for good.”

One by one the McCanns vanish.

Reports also said Gerry was heckled when he returned to the resort to oversee the filming of the Channel 4 reconstruction…

McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell said:

“We understand that there are many reasons why the staff have been dismissed – the first one being the global economic crisis. About point number four is the McCann’s coverage.

“One or two of these people have been vocal about blaming the McCanns, and have been saying they have thought about trying to sue the McCanns. They also shouted at Gerry as he went back to the apartment, which was a disgrace. Not to belittle them, but I very much doubt they would succeed and we have not been formally notified of anything.”

So nothing to worry about, then?

The Times (SA): McCann apology to Portuguese

THE parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann apologised for the negative effects of the highly publicised affair yesterday after residents of a Portuguese resort gave them a hostile welcome.

An apology. Still want to sue?

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