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Pictured: Newspaper Readers Dying

by | 9th, April 2009

DEATH as entertainment. With Jade Goody’s media death a hit, the Daily Mail wonders if it is death or the celebrity that makes the big story? And gives readers:

The moment speeding policeman struck and killed girl, 16, as he drove at 94mph without siren or lights

Now enjoy the CCTV images of a girl dying:

A police officer who knocked down and killed a schoolgirl while driving more than 60mph over the speed limit was today convicted of causing death by dangerous driving. Pc John Dougal had reached speeds of 94mph on a 30mph road with no lights or siren just moments before he ploughed into Hayley Adamson, killing her instantly.


‘I had to send my son to heaven and myself to Hell’: Chilling moment mother executes her boy at firing range”

This is the chilling moment a deranged mother held a revolver to her unsuspecting son’s head at a shooting range and pulled the trigger, killing him before turning the gun on herself.

Marie Moore, who thought she was the Anti-Christ, took her 20-year-old son Mitchell to the Shoot Straight range in Casselberry, Florida, for what he thought was an afternoon’s firing practice.

Enjoy 4 pictures of a mother killing her son – Hit! After Hit! After Hit! After Hit!

Pictured: The moment a seal is clubbed to death as Canada begins its biggest annual marine cull

Give it some welly!

Pictured: The moment 23 Muslims were crushed to death in stampede during Ramadan charity hand-out

This one’s great. Two pictures of pople suffocating and then nice big shot of bodies laid out on the floor.

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