Anorak News | Archbishop Name Checks Claudia Lawrence and Madeleine McCann

Archbishop Name Checks Claudia Lawrence and Madeleine McCann

by | 12th, April 2009

TIME once more to hear from the Archbishop of York as he calls for “renewed hope in the searches for Claudia Lawrence and Madeleine McCann“.

Only a loon would not think it good news that missing persons were found, preferably alive and well. But why these two? Does the Bishop write his sermon on Google News in mind?

Sky: Dr John Sentamu said he could not imagine the pain and suffering endured by the families of the missing. But he said the Easter celebration of the triumph of life over death should inspire people never to give up hoping they will be found.

When they thought Jesus was dead, guess what?

“In both Claudia and Madeleine’s cases, someone knows where they are,” Archbishop Sentamu told the News of the World.

Well, yes, someone. Any ideas who?

“The message of Easter is a message of hope, and our hope that those who are lost may yet be found must not be diminished by the lack of media coverage that comes as time passes.”

It’s not a sermon – it’s PR meets Crimewatch. Those with missing loved ones not name checked must wonder how to get on the list.

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