Anorak News | America’s Got Talent: David Hasseloff Threatens To Headbutt Piers Morgan

America’s Got Talent: David Hasseloff Threatens To Headbutt Piers Morgan

by | 12th, April 2009

THE Celebrity Cull (the world effort to reduce the EU celebrity moutain) stops for no show – and on America’s Got Talent, the resident celebs are responding to the call, Look on as judge David Hasselhoff, reportedly, threatens to put his fellow judge Piers Morgan out of action by way of a headbutt.

He started yelling abuse at Piers, and Piers was giving back as good as he was getting, when suddenly David stood up, walked around the judges’ table and got right in Piers’s face.”

There’s a lot of face to get in. Hasselhoff and Morgan are two of the biggest faces in showbiz. Their faces fill the screen. Their faces are why 42-inch plasma screens are so necessary.

“Then he threatened to headbutt him. He said it loudly and clearly and everyone heard him. David was out of control, shouting and swearing. It was a full-on verbal assault. He was hurling all sorts of abuse at Piers, who looked genuinely upset and was momentarily shocked into silence. He was shaking his head and just staring daggers at David.”

Daggers. Headbutts. This is it. This is the big off.

Between these two rutting faces is pixie-voiced Sharon Osbourne. Will she become “faced to death” during the scrap?

Of will she be the last judge standing, it left to her alone to keep reality the TV talent show judicary on the straight and narrow?

In which case release the hounds – especailly those ones that poo all over Osbourne’s home.

Let the cull begin…

Note, says the Mail, which brings us this story:

But ironically, he and Hasselhoff have always appeared to get on.

Says Hasselhoff in 2007:

He wrote some things in his book and he thinks it’s acceptable. Well I say that calling him a w**ker on TV is acceptable too.”

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