Anorak News | Saudi Arabian Man’s Marriage To 8 Year Old Girl Is Legal

Saudi Arabian Man’s Marriage To 8 Year Old Girl Is Legal

by | 12th, April 2009

IN Saudi Arabia judge Sheikh Habib Habib has declared that an 8-year-old girl’s marriage to a 47-year-old man is legal.

In Onaiza, the judge says the girl’s marriage to a friend of her father’s was legal and binding. The judge says the girl can file for divorce once she reached puberty.

Habib first refused to annul the marriage last year, and the girl’s mother’s appealed.

The mother’s attorney, Abdullah Jutaili, said the girl’s father arranged the marriage with his “close friend” to pay off a monetary debt. The relative said the girl’s mother, who is divorced from the father, will continue to seek to overturn the marriage. An appeals court in Riyadh will reportedly consider the case again in a hearing set for next month.

One thing is clear in Saudi Arabia: you can appeal and appeal and appeal.

And by the time the appeals are done with the child may have reached puberty and be no longer desired as a wife…

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