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Jade Goody And The Twiglet Weed In Tweed

by | 17th, April 2009

MORE news on “JAILED Jack Tweed”, Mr Jade Goody, who has earned not only a new epithet (he was once Grieving Jack) but new muscles having “taken up weight training after fellow lags branded him The Twiglet.”

So says the Sun in its Suicide Watch Column.

(Note: Twiglets – Max, call me…)

A source said: “Jack’s new nickname is The Twiglet, or Twiglet Tweed. A lot of the inmates train in case the worst happens and they have to defend themselves, so he has asked one of the bigger guys if he will help him out in the gym.”

The Weed In Tweed, wrestling the title from Prince Edward. Jack is our T.W.I.T.

He is in a single cell with suicide watch prisoners and is let out only for exercise.

Any other news on Jack?

But the model and club promoter should be freed in six weeks if he behaves.

Jack Tweed used to be billed as a “part-time model”, so at least his career prospects are improving…

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