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Ban The Jade Goody Cervical Cancer Vaccine

by | 22nd, April 2009

vaccine-cancer-cervicalCAN a newspaper like the Daily Mail be both for and against the same science, the HPV cancer vaccine? Well, yes. What would Jade Goody say?

As Martin notes on LayScience:

The Daily Mail: Campaigning both For AND Against the HPV Vaccine in Different Countries Simultaneously

He goes on:

This is just incredible. The same newspaper that is currently attacking the HPV vaccine in Britain, with stories such as: “How safe is the cervical cancer jab?“, is astonishingly campaigning FOR the HPV vaccine in its Irish edition..

From the British Edition:

* How safe is the cervical cancer jab? Five teenagers reveal their alarming stories
* Why boys need a jab for cervical cancer: Only then will girls be totally protected, say experts (Featuring quotes from JABS)
* Twelve-year-old girl paralysed ‘after being given cervical cancer jab’
* Government turns to social networking sites in bid to get young girls to take up cervical cancer jab
* Cervical cancer jab left my 12-year-old daughter paralysed, says mother
* Revealed: The serious health concerns about the cervical cancer jab
* Alert over jab for girls as two die following cervical cancer vaccination
* Now girls aged NINE are offered cervical cancer jab

From the Irish Edition:

* Europe will shame FF into providing Ireland’s life-saving cervical cancer jabs
* Join the Irish Daily Mail’s cervical cancer vaccination campaign today
* Pathologist appeals for U-turn by Harney over cervical cancer vaccine
* Tax cut hits Irish cancer jab
* Ditching cancer vaccine is a big step back, says expert
* HSE backs cancer jab Harney scrapped in Ireland
* Cervical cancer jabs available ‘as soon as possible’ in Ireland
* Health campaigners in Ireland take fight for cancer jabs to Washington
* Union rescue bid for Irish cancer vaccine
* Top surgeons say Irish cancer jab U-turn was a disgrace
* Cervical cancer vaccine for Ireland’s girls: online poll slams decision to pull funding

Who cares about the story so long as the readers read it, right?

Spotter: Ben Goldacre

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