Anorak News | Beyonce Offers Duet With Susan Boyle

Beyonce Offers Duet With Susan Boyle

by | 23rd, April 2009

beyonce-boyleWHEN asked about Susan Boyle, the following mighty talents – Michael Stipe, Fergie and Beyonce – said:

Michael Stipe’s Crush

“Extra” met up with Stipe, who said, “I love your voice, Susan” – Extra TV

Fergie wets herself

“What a beautiful voice, what a wonderful singer,” Fergie tells ET. “She’s amazing. I think she could definitely have a huge career. Her voice is lovely.”

Crazy right now

I really love her. I think she’s very talented. I’m obsessed with a lot of great singers right now — it’s inspiring that we have so much good music and people that are into art and writing their own music. Absolutely, very inspiring.”

Oh, yes, Beyonce. She can sing. She can sing. She can? Can she?

Let’s listen:

Of course, that’s a fake. No, not Boyle. She’s the real deal. Beyonce.

TMZ: “It’s a little bit crazy. No one in their right mind would sound like that, and no one would cheer for someone singing like that.”

But she sure can dance… No, not Boyle, Beyonce…

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