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Britney Spears Pregnant With K-Ferret’s Girl

by | 28th, April 2009

britney-spears-pregnant-daughter“IT’S a girl for Britney,” screams the National Enquirer’s headline, and readers are left to wonder if this is news of a ritual dose of Spears girl-on-girl action or of a baby?

It’s the headline that’s speaks to all sectors of the Britney Spears fan club – from celeb fanciers looking for a new name for their kebab-faced child all the way to men in caravan parks with pictures of Spears stuck on the ceiling over their beds and an effigy of the singer made from pillow cases, egg boxes and felt tips.

Inside, and “yes” Britney is with a child. Or rather she will be with a child just as soon as Kevin Federline, aka K-Ferret, her ex-husband, and once the most hated man on the planet, fertilises her.

A source says Brit and K-Ferret talked about bay-bees and how another bay-bee would cement their love more then the two bay-bees they are already familiar with.

Another source says Britney wants her children young – which is the way they come out, Britney, unless you’re Angelina Jolie and you have your children fully formed with regional accents.

But, then, just on the point of ushering Britney and K-Ferret onto the stage for a new live scene from her Circus tour, the “insider” says that Kevin is not too sure and wants to wait and, in any case, he needs to officially stop shagging “sometime girlfriend” Victoria Prince for at least as long as it takes to impregnate Brit.

The solution seems to be for K-Ferret and Brit to adopt Prince – keeping – as the NE tries to so – everyone happy…

And wait until Britney has stopped menstruating. Really:

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