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Swine Flu Sourced In The Industrial Feacal Mire

by | 29th, April 2009

pigs-in-cloverSWINE flu is going to kill us all, but before we go, let’s each of us make a point that supports out vested interest:

First up is Mike Davis., Mike is a professor of history at the University of California, Irvine, and the author of The Monster at Our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu”.

In the Guardian, Mike writes:

The Mexican swine flu, a genetic chimera probably conceived in the faecal mire of an industrial pigsty, suddenly threatens to give the whole world a fever.

Well, that’s the science.

The flu began in an industrial hell hole and not at some cosy farm where the pigs snort acorns and trot in a very clean kind of muck and loadsa clover… probably…

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