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Jade Goody’s Jack Tweed Sees Boy George Naked

by | 30th, April 2009

boy-george-prison-tan1WITH Jade Goody resting, Jackiey Budden in Tenerife and Kerry Katona auditioning for Jade, the Sun looks to Jack Tweed to keep the Goody Brand alive.

And today it gives readers:

Jacke Tweed flees naked Boy George in jail shower

Alex West is peering through the bars to see:

JAILED Jack Tweed turned tail and ran from the showers in prison — after THREE encounters with naked gay star Boy George.

Is that “naked gay star” Boy George, formerly nkwos as “dressed singing star” Boy George.

Acts must move with the times or become things of novelty. But what of this performance?

Jack, 21, was stunned when he bumped into the Culture Club icon in the wash block of the nick where they are both serving sentences.

Bumped into?

Shy Jack, whose Big Brother star wife Jade Goody died of cancer last month, repeatedly met beefy George after being sent to cushy Edmunds Hill jail in Suffolk.

Beefy Boy George is one thing but who the hell is cushy Edmunds Hill?

A pal said: “Jack isn’t exactly the most comfortable person when it comes to getting attention from other men. As soon as he saw Boy George was standing there naked having a wash he was gobsmacked.


“He grew up listening to George’s records but never imagined the first time he met him he would be stark naked in a prison shower.”

That’s celebrity for you. Old Mr Anorak recalls meeting a young Margaret Rutherford in a dimly lit trench in Belgium. (Photographic proof on application.)

Sources said Jack TWICE went to the showers only to find 1980s icon Boy George, real name George O’Dowd, already in there wiping himself down.

He went twice? Once is an accident, but is twice soemthign more deliberate?

There was fleeting eye contact and Jack immediately turned around and fled.

“Fleeting eye contact” sound like a smutty euphemism, a pun. But it is not. This is all to real.

The THIRD time he went into the changing room where Boy George was getting undressed for his morning wash.

Three times? Note that BG has a “morning wash”, a hint at ritual. And here is Jack back for the third time… What of that headline “flees”?

A pal told The Sun: “Jack knew what Boy George was in jail for and didn’t want to take any chances. The first time he saw him he just turned white and legged it.”

Jack, being a celebrity is orange, albeit now a dark tango laced with bar-sized stripes of Winton No. 5.

George, 47, who stands 6ft, is said to be an intimidating figure for young prisoners at the jail.

Said by whom?

He was locked up at the Category C nick for 15 months for falsely imprisoning a male escort, shackling him to a bed and beating him with a chain.

Jack was moved there from tough Chelmsford Jail in Essex after being sentenced to 12 weeks for assaulting a cabbie.

Hey, whatever turns you on. It’s left to others to judge. We can just enjoy your punishment.

Pals say Jack is worried about falling in love again after 27-year-old Jade’s death as it will make him look “bad”.

Oh, dear Freud. Talk of “beefy” Boy George in the shower is followed swiftly with tales of love and romance.

Chum Mark Wright, 22 — Jack’s best man at his wedding in February — said: “He doesn’t know if he’ll ever get another girlfriend.”

Well, might be best to make do, then, and enlarge his options…

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