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British Star Has Suspected Swine Flu

by | 2nd, May 2009

tulisa-contostavlosMUCH competition to be the media’s celebrity face of swine flu, with Paris Hilton leaving for Mexico and Lisa Rinna boasting about her pirate copy swine flu – she got it when swine flu was a bespoke brand.

Now the Sun spots a British contender in the prone form of Tulisa Contostavlos “lead singer of chart-topping British band N-Dubz”.

She “lies motionless in a hospital bed, her face covered by a mask, after being diagnosed with suspected swine flu”.

So dangerous is it that the Sun only has one photograph of Lisa in her sugical mask, and does not stay long enough to ask about her band’s next single and her views on Lily Allen.

Says the paper:

Tulisa Contostavlos, 20, flew to Athens on Thursday night for a break with family and friends after finishing a 23-date UK tour, when the band performed for thousands of teenage fans.

But she fainted and needed medical attention during the flight — then had to be rushed to hospital yesterday after a doctor noted all the symptoms connected with the potentially deadly virus.

A source calls it “a terrifying time.”

Says the band’s spokesman:

“We are hopeful Tulisa will be given the all-clear and will be well enough to leave hospital in the next couple of days.”

So she might not have swine flu and she might be alright in a couple of days? Phew!

Meanwhile, the hunt for the celebrity face of swine flu goes on.

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