Anorak News | Old People Killed And Bodies Sold For Cremation

Old People Killed And Bodies Sold For Cremation

by | 3rd, May 2009

rest-home-fireIN “ELDERLY ‘KILLED AND BODIES SOLD FOR CREMATION SWAP’” Express readers learn:

GANGS are thought to be kidnapping and murdering elderly people, then selling the corpses for cremation to superstitious families who do not want their own dead loved ones incinerated.

Grandma is dead. Long live grandma! The problem could be finding an old dear who looks just like grandma and who won’t be missed. The UK pension system could benefit from this two-for-one deal. We trust any new ID cards will help nurses match the dead to the should-be dead. Better yet, if the barely moving target is fat or has smoked.

But the UK must wait for this balancing of the books.

The bereaved in southern China are buying substitute bodies for the cremation and secretly burying their dead relatives, according to press reports… many believe if a body is burnt the spirit will be angry and misfortune will befall descendants. If it has the proper rites the spirit is content in the next world and protects relatives.

Better to appease the good fortune karma spirits by killing someone and then setting them on fire.

Although nationwide only one per cent of the population is cremated, in the county of Jieyang in Canton, where it is mandatory, the figure is 100 per cent. The sinister theory is emerging that many of the bodies are elderly people living alone who have been snatched and murdered.

A theory. It’s not fact. There is no evidence. It’s just an idea.

In the towns of Jeixi and Puning “it is thought about 400 elderly people have disappeared in the region”.

Or gone to feed the pigs…

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