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Jade Goody’s Last Hours: Pictures

by | 4th, May 2009
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jade-death-bedAS threatened, Mark McGowan has turned Jade Goody’s Jade Goody’s post-reality career into work of art.

Old Mr Anorak invited students at his art school – National Undergraduate Degree In Evolution Studies (NUDES) – to create still life tributes to Jade. Notable creations include:

o-Hell! – A burning pile of OK! magazines

****! Everyone One I’ve Every Sworn At – a collection of swear words written on a Asda carrier bag

Being – A half pig pickled in a jar of vinegar

The Lights Going Off – an empty room with the lights off.

Death – A plastic doll giving a gonk a blow job

Liver – A man dressed a Max Clifford walking around a art gallery inviting the raped Sabine women to tell all

All models made from dough…

McGowans’s tribute is pictured hereunder

For the show, a performer wore a cardboard box with a photograph of their ‘character’ over their head.

McGowan played Jade, fearlessly. Says he to the Mail:

“I understand it’s provocative and sometime that is my aim, to provoke people.I’ve been accused of jumping on the Jade Goody bandwagon, but the truth is I think people are just too hung up about death in this country.

I admired Jade and believe she was an artist herself in the way she performed before the media. Many of the spectators at last night’s exhibition were very moved by what they saw. People walked out of the room, telling me it brought back memories of when their mother died… or their brother died.”


But my argument is that the cardboard box serves to disengage the spectator from the actor and makes them fully focused on who they are playing.

Try to think of it less as a cardboard box and more as packaging…

The pictures:

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