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Vision Of Virgin Mary Saves Journalist

by | 7th, May 2009

virgin-coffeeNO bail out for American newspapers. Obama takes questions from the blogs – so who needs the press?

So who will save the press? Why, the Virgin Mary will. VM is a keen blogger, who has appeared to Jonathan Tilove in the form of a coffee stain.

I have been a reporter for more than 30 years, most of them at the Newhouse bureau in Washington. When they announced last year they were closing, I was rescued by The Times Picayune, which took me on board as a second Washington correspondent. In November, when the Newhouse bureau shut its doors, four of us – survivors from Newhouse – moved into some empty cubicles in the Cox bureau on Capitol Hill, a beautiful office with a lot of extra space. Within weeks of arriving, Cox announced it would be closing its Washington bureau in the spring.

Last week, the four of us, like hermit crabs, moved into empty cubicles in another beautiful newspaper office in Metro Center, subletting space from Hearst Newspapers, which sublets from McClatchy, which took over the office when it bought Knight Ridder.

On Monday evening, May 4, I went back to the Cox office to pack the rest of my boxes and clean out my cubicle. And there it was, on my desk, a coffee stain in the image of the Virgin Mary.I was a little surprised. Why me? I’m Jewish.

Being Jewish means you can be saved, Jonathan. And it’s not the Virgin Mary – it’s a jellyfish, wearing a Victoriana cloak with a hat on. It’s tabloid gold.

Your job is safe.

Just get her views on the Madonna adoption…

Spotter: Hamilton Nolan

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