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Britain’s Youngest Dad Age Ten Beats Alfie Patten

by | 19th, May 2009

alfie-patten-chantelleALFIE Patten “Britain’s Youngest Dad” at 13 is, er, not Britain’s youngest dad. Alfie Patten not a dad.

The Sun’s exclusive was wrong and wrong again. Still, today we get to find out that “tiny Maisie” does have a father, and his name is Tyler Barker, who was 14 when he squired Chantelle Stedman.

Still, the Sun can’t be bothered to admit that it’s front-page shocker was a load to sensationalist tosh, and invites its agony aunt, Deirdre Sanders, to say:

Regardless of who is the baby’s biological father…” going on to talks of “no real values” an “uneasy feeling” and that unless Alfie understands “I worry that within a year we will learn that he has become a dad after all…

Or the Sun could just say he has and print a correction later?

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