Anorak News | Katie Price and Peter Andre Interview In Full

Katie Price and Peter Andre Interview In Full

by | 20th, May 2009

katie-price-tanIN this week’s OK!, Katie Price delivers “THE TRUTH” about “OUR SPLIT”.

The cover shot is of a woman who looks almost familiar. It turns out that this is not any number of women from US daytime soaps or a young Nolan sister but Katie Price. Her face appears changed.

Old Mr Anorak suggests the real Katie Price has gone into hiding and this is an imposter. But surely being a Katie Price impersonator is a hard job, akin to pinning down a mobile target.

One day you’re a Katie Price look-alike, the next you’re not.

Inside, and “heartbroken” Katie Price “confides” with OK!.

Gather round, readers. This is confidential and must remain between us.

“Pete can’t blame this on me drinking. I hardly ever go out, and over the five years of our relationship I have probably been out 20 times – which is unusual for a woman of 30.”

Thirty is Katie’s “birth age”. Her composite age is something else – for instance, her breasts are in nappies; her teeth are in pre-school; parts of her teeth are studying for their A-levels.

Says Katie Price:

“No other guy has made me cry as much as Pete. When we argue, I still love him. It’s because we’re so open about it.”

See papers for the past week and more…

“The people around us are used to it, but if there’s someone new in our lives they think it’s bad.”

And Peter Andre?

“I love everything about him, he’s my best friend, my soulmate and my lover. I look forward to going to be with him and I love waking up with him. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we argue, but we’re very in love with each other and we tell each other every day. We’re very hands on with each other, and I love the fact we’re together all the time.”

Unless she is in the Maldives and he is in Cyprus.

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