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Man Has Five Kidneys

by | 21st, May 2009

kidney-man1INDIAN man Jaswant, of Khaira Dona village, has five kidneys. After two failed kidney transplants failed, Jaswant, 33, went for another try.

Says doctors:

“He is fourth such patient in the country to successfully undergo three renal transplants.”

His first kidney was supplied by an older sister. Says he:

I was all right for over a year or so. However, my body rejected the kidney once I stopped post-operation medication because of financial constraints.”

Two years alter his younger sister gave up a kidney.

Then mum stepped in:

“Determined to see me live, the family just wouldn’t give up and prepared for another surgery. This time, my mother, 55, gave me her bean-shaped organ.”

We wish Jaswant well and wonde rif , should all five kidneys start working, he fancies trying Old Mr Anorak’s home brew  at the Anorak staff tasting..?

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