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Wikipedia Horror Printed On Toilet Paper

by | 25th, May 2009

toilet-paperTO a Wikipedia toilet cubicle in Japan, where a reader is studying Koji Suzuki’s latest, er, slasher book “Drop,” a story on toilet paper. It’s a follow up to his book “Ring”.

Mr Suzuki is working on a theme.

His latest story is of an evil spirit that inhabits a toilet bowl.

Says Takaki Hayashi, vice president of Hayashi Paper Corp:

“I’ve read the story and it’s very scary.”

On hastens to add, “Shit scary.”

The toilet book is printed in blue ink and features splatters that are reminiscent of blood, so causing no end of concern for haemorrhoid sufferers. And if you really want to be scared, know that using this toilet paper may cause you to miss spotting the early stages of bowel cancer.

Anorak recalls an early foray into publishing and being told that by the publisher of our magazine that things are either a “crap read” or a “really good crap read”. The toilet test dictated the worth of magazine, and if readers would enjoy it while sat on the throne.

Other things that could be reprinted on toilet paper:

MPs expenses claims
Simon Cowell’s collected bon mots
Gordon Brown’s commitment to end “Boom & Bust”
ITV summer schedules
Zimbabwe’s economic data

Hard back or paper back sir..?

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