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Church Of Scientology Is Sued

by | 25th, May 2009

scinetology-sued1THE Church of Scientology is the subject of court case France, where it is accused of organised fraud.

Does the Church of Scientology – labelled a “sect” in France – mentally manipulate new members?

Control, you there?

Come in, Control.


The case centres on the woman who claims she was pressured into paying large sums of money after being offered a free personality test.

The personality test taken. And while the French woman ticked the “Gullibility” box the one marked “Compliant” was smudged.

A lawyer for the church, Patrick Maisonneuve, tells AFP:

“We will contest every charge and prove that there was no mental manipulation.”

The woman’s name is not known but if she would like to save herself the cost of a lawyer and all the stress of a case against them we urge her to sign up to Anorak’s Temple Of Atmospherics and inhale the certified official air while completing a series of tests in which your eyeballs are held open and you are encouraged to watch a Tom Cruise look-alike emerge from the back of a sofa…

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