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Arsenal Fans Unveil The Greatest Banner Ever

by | 25th, May 2009

aussie-bannerTO Arsenal where the fans are unfurling a banner that sums up just about everything that is good and bad about Arsenal. It reads:

Arsène, On t’aime toujours”.

It’s not often you see a semicolon on a banner. The semi-colon is the erudite, esoteric grammar elements.

This, however, is not as good as “Arsène Knows”, the banner that hangs over Arsenal fans. Although it might need an elipse: “Arsene knows… all about you, you fairweather ****.”

And that is a variant on “George Knows”, a comment on George Graham who, it turned out, knew what was under his tree in a brown paper envelope.

Other clubs have their own adaptations on the theme:

**** Knows – Newcastle United
I Knows – Ipswich Town
Cyril Knows – Spurs
Blue Knows – Glasgow Rangers
‘E Knows – West Ham bubble enthusiasts
B Knows – Man United fans

If anyone has a picture of the banner, let us, er, know…

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