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Fat Man Acquitted Of Squashing Wife To Death

by | 26th, May 2009

fat-manIN Germany, an obese man has been acquitted for squashing his wife to death.

To a house in Hanover, where the couple are arguing over Italian music. The woman pours beer over her husband’s laptop. They fight. She locates his neck. She hits his neck. He falls. On her.

She has 18 broken ribs. There is fluid on her lungs. Six days later she dies.

At the original trial, the 20- stone man received a five-year jail.

The court could not rule out an accident in the woman’s death in April 2006 and actually said she was most responsible for her own death because she failed to see a doctor for a follow up appointment after an initial three days in the hospital – even when she coughed up blood for several days.

He is found guilty of causing bodily injuries by negligence and fined €2,580.

And women are reminded to pick a husband about their size, or bulk up…

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