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Brad And Angelina Jolie In Headlock Drama

by | 26th, May 2009

hello-magHELLO! magazine has a question for its readers: “BRAD AND ANGELINA – DOES THIS COUPLE LOOK LIKE A COUPLE IN CRISIS?”

The question is accompanied by a shot of the two actors – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, for it is they – entwined before the cameras.

While not in the same league as Danny Zuko & Sandy Olsson, Pitt and Jolie do look to be close, and not just physically – in the shot Brad’s right nostril is pressed against Jolie’s forehead.

Hello! readers may well have made their minds up. But before they do there are many pages of evidence to study.

Exhibit A: Brad and Ange are on an ocean of Cannes red carpet. Brad is walking one, perhaps one and one half steps ahead of Angelina. He is holding her right hand in his left hand.

He looks to the left; she straight ahead. What does it mean, jurors? Discuss.

Exhibit B: They stop and look at each other.

Exhibit C: They both look to the right. He looks tanned. She looks like the green lady on the poster above the pub snooker table.

Exhibit D: The rear view. Brad holds her hand; but her hand is limp in his, like a strip of beige corduroy trouser.

Exhibit E: She turns to face the cameras. She pouts; Brad smiles, also to a camera.

Amid the poses and the pictures, a source says that Brad has never been in a clinch with a nanny, nor has he seen Jennifer Aniston; and is not the other man in the Peter Andre – Katie Price split.

Exhibit E: Inside Le Baoli Bar-Restaurant in Cannes, Brad and Ange are still together.

Exhibit F: Brad is speaking to a man; Ange is speaking to anther man.

Exhibit G: “Brad and Angelina’s passion for each other was in plain view”. They are cradling each other’s heads in the manner of a) lovers; b) WWWF Wrestlers; c) Two Glaswegian drunks in a public toilet.

Exhibit H: They are now seated. Ange places a hand on Brad’s thigh. Brad is facing away from her.

Says a “relative” of the allegations of marital infidelity:

“You can’t raise all those kids and have two movie careers and be philanthropic in so many areas while at the same time care about such silliness. They just can’t be bothered. They don’t have time to be bothered.”

Indeed. When they are not working apart, supporting pet causes and instructing the nannies and the staff, they are as together as any other normal happy-happy-HAPPY couple.

And so to the bruning question – do they look like a couple in crisis?

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