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Man Beats Man With Live Swan

by | 27th, May 2009

swan-fightA ROW on the bank on the River Isar in Munich. One man grabs a weapon – a live swan by the neck – and beats the other man with it.

Two men have been hurling abuse at the victim, shouting: “Piss off you eastern pig, they should rebuild the Wall right up to the sky because of you.”

Police attend. The men are arrested. The swan bandit, known as Sebastian P., is brought before the Beak. A Steven L, the victim, is also present.

He says he was drunk. He is given a two-year suspended sentence.

Sebastian P and another man hurl bottles and a barbecue filled with red-hot coals at their victim.

A swan. A barbecue. A bottle. A fight.

Such is life in the unified Germany.

Note: The British Army is considering the effectiveness of live swans in a battle situation.

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