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Barbra Streisand Destroys Hello! Magazine

by | 29th, May 2009

streisand_house2TIME for our annual look at Barbra Streisand, and we learn finished building her dream house and has written bout in a book called “A Passion for Design“.

So long Hello! magazine with your inside peeks around the great and good massive piles – this week’s boast card is from Philip Zepter, a Serbian billionaire with a house so shiny the owner can see his face in it and a wife who looks like she married him before he made it big.

Who needs Hello! when stars like Babs are producing their own boast cards, in hard back, paper back and pamphlet form dropped by air on the world’s housing estates and secure institutions.

The book includes photos of the Malibu, Calif., oceanfront compound she worked on for more than five years, and around 50,000 words of how the dream became real.

Streisand is “spurred on by the writing process“, much like we at Anorak Towers who are spurred – literally – by Old Mr Anorak riding us like a Mexican pig jockey.

Says she:

“Do I really want to write about my life? Do I really want to relive my life? I’m not sure.”

Just another 49,950 words to go, Babs.

Her publisher, Clare Ferraro, tells us:

“Everything is perfect, down to the flowers, to the metal plates on the doorknobs. I remember her living room. The colour scheme was in pink and burgundy and green and if you looked out the window you saw there were roses in the same colour. And throughout the house, the outside matched what was inside.”

Got to get out. No escape. Nowhere to run. Must not panic… Breathe. Breathe…

“It’s just breathtaking, her whole house.”


“I went home and ripped the flower bed out of my porch because the flowers didn’t match my porch furniture.”

And planted some herbal prozac?

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