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Serena Williams On Reality TV Show

by | 31st, May 2009

serena_williams_on_grassTO Paris where shock news that tennis exists beyond the Wimbledon fortnight is overshadowed by Serena Williams calling her opponent Maria Jose Martinez Sanchez a cheat.

Williams says the ball went off Martinez Sanchez’s arm to win a crucial point. Martinez Sanchez thought that was a “stupid” thing for Williams to say.

British tabloids debate whether if any part of the body is allowed to be used as a racket, Williams might unleash a fearsome Buttock Smash, second only in effectiveness to Andy Murray’s Bicep Drop shot.

The fun did not end there as Williams had a coughing fit during a third-set changeover, and on her way to victory.

Say Williams:

I’m, like, drama. And I don’t want to be drama. I’m like one of those girls on a reality show that has all the drama, and everyone in the house hates them because no matter what they do, like, drama follows them. I don’t want to be that girl.”

Williams then had a hissy fit, took great offence at being told she has offended someone and dedicated her win to Jade Goody, without whom none of it meant anything.

As for alleged arm-shot, Williams passed the umpire at ends and opined:

“I felt so bad. I didn’t mean to hit her.”

This is the Williams’ construction of the sympathetic back story that makes her look good and seeks to confirm her opponent as a cheat. That gave way to questioning justice and the judge’s coolness:

“I don’t know why you gave her the game. That’s totally not cool.”

And then a veiled threat:

“She better not come to the net again.”

Williams then said she had a cold. Simon Cowell buzzed and everyone wept for the end of the football season…


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