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Obama’s White Supremacists Say Vote Green

by | 1st, June 2009

stephen-chuSTEPHEN Chu, Obama’s energy secretary, has made it to the symposium on climate change at St James’s Palace.

Hosted by Prince Charles – who in the last year has made trips Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, Germany, Italy, Japan, Indonesia, France, Brunei and the US – the Green Shirts are huddled around a guttering flame behind three-inch thick walls:

Here’s comes Mr Chu now:

Steven Chu turned up at the conference in a jet-black SUV.

Black for Mr Chu who says the world should be painted white to fend off the merciless sun.

The total area of the U.S. (50 states + D.C.) equals 9,826,630 km^2. According to a 2004 study by the U.S. Geophysical Union, all constructed so-called “impervious surfaces” (buildings, roads, parking lots, roofs, etc.) in the USA total a combined 112,610 km^2. Which is a bit less than the total area of Ohio, a bit more than Virginia. That means we’ve got about 1.14% for Dr. Chu to paint.

That should make a big difference.

Paint is good. White paint is very good. And paint has some side benefits:

Men regularly exposed to chemicals found in paint may be more prone to fertility problems, research suggests. Men such as painters and decorators, who work with glycol solvents, are two-and-a-half times more likely to produce fewer “normal” sperm.

And inhale…

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