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Cheryl Cole Is Vacuum Packed On A Bike

by | 1st, June 2009

dannii_minogueCHERYL Cole – aka The Hairless Boyle – has lashed out £36,000 on whjat the aMil terms a “wind tunnel” exercise bike.

The Girls Aloud star, who weighs only seven and a half stone, is believed to have bought the contraption after seeing pictures of lithe rival judge Dannii Minogue on a beach.

The Hypoxi Trainer S120 give you’re the wind tunnel look, as favoured by such models of tight-skinned beauty as Caprice, the aforesaid Minogue, Sharon Osbourne, Biggles and the bald spaniel riding along the A34 last Tuesday with its head lolling from the front window of a Red Vauxhall Astra. You know who you are.

And what of the Hypoxi Trainer S120, which looks like a giant boot as worn by a skier with a elephantine club foot?

It is said to reduce inches and cellulite by creating a pressurised environment inside a chamber while you cycle away inside wearing an unflattering vacuum suit.

Well, if it keeps Ashley Cole away and helps fan away his allegedly vomit-fuelled night-time emissions it’s worth a try.

A six week course of three sessions per week is all that is required to slim the lower body and reduce cellulite – equivalent to more than six months of strenuous gym workouts.

Six months of gym in just six weeks of standing in your own wind. Bring on the beans!

The makers of the bike claim: ‘While you gently pedal, the vacuum sucks the blood flow into your lower regions, which concentrates the breakdown of fat in those areas. The low pressure transports the blood into the fatty tissue of legs and buttocks, enriching the blood with fatty acids. The release pressure phase then allows the fat enriched blood to be transported away from the problem zone into the blood stream. It’s like exercising at an altitude of 2000 metres, but without the strain on your heart and lungs.”

Being vacuum packed sounds just grrrreat. Where do we get one? But if we can’t get our legs into it, can we cycle upside down and experience the blood rushing from our brains?


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