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The World Ends On December 2 2016

by | 1st, June 2009

end-of-worldTHE World will end on December 2, 2016. We know this because Andrew Simms says so in the Guardian:

Ten months have passed since pointing out that we have, at best, 100 left before a new, far more dangerous phase of global warming begins…

Now, with at best 90 months left on our clock, we have a challenge that will be a bit like the first time a child jumps from the top diving board into the swimming pool.

At least the water’s now so high the nipper only has to drop a  few inches.

Andrew Simms is policy director of nef (the new economics foundation) the award-winning UK think-and-do tank, and head of nef’s Climate Change Programme.

Who are they then?

We are unique in combining rigorous analysis…

Ninety months it is, then…

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