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Big Brother Charlie And Saffia Walk On Broken Glass

by | 5th, June 2009

MORE on Sunderland Gayza Charlie Drummond and news that he and Saffia ‘Police’ Corden have become official ‘Big Brother’ housemates after they walked on broken glass.

Having been dragged from the house by SAS men in balaclavas this morning, a man with Militarist Dementia (Ross Kemp, that you?) screeched:

“I have some from Osama and you will die infidel pig.”

Not, not really. Not yet. He yelled:

“Remove your footwear. Step forward one pace. In front of you lies 150 smashed wine bottles.”

Charlie is from the north east when no night out does not feature smashed bottles.

“This is real glass. Look forward, don’t look down. This is real glass. It will cut you if you do not pay attention. Put your foot down on the glass. If it feels sharp, move your foot. It is not a race.”

If what you have placed your naked foot on feels sharp then move your foot. Got it? If you understand then you could have a big future working with Ross Kemp.

If you do not understand, then you either a) drunk the wine the smashed bottles once contained; b) already worked with Ross Kemp, or c) are the kind of person who walks on broken glass for other people’s entertainment, or sugar glass, as it was really made of…

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