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Jade Goody’s Mum Shows Her New Lover

by | 11th, June 2009

jackiey-buddenMORE news from the press office at  Jade Goody Industries as her grieving mum…

…“spoke for the first time about her blossoming new romance yesterday — and said: “Now Jade needn’t be scared that I’ll be alone.”

Jade Goody’s mum is Jackiey Budden who seems set to prove that there is more to her than being Jade Goody’s mum as she becomes Jade Goody’s mum with a new lover.

The Sun told this week how besotted Jackiey Budden has turned her back on Britain — and her life as a lesbian — after falling for ex-soldier Jason Cooper on Tenerife.

Says Jackiey to anyone worrying that Jason is after Jackiey’s Jade Goody connections:

“I know Jade would be 100 per cent behind this. She was always scared I’d be alone — she doesn’t need to be scared now.”

Well, that might be because she passed away a few weeks ago.

“I know Jade would be as surprised as anyone I’ve found happiness with a man — but she always said, ‘Man or woman, I want you to be happy’.”

Well, if it what Jade wants, how can we argue?

“I’d fulfilled all Jade’s final wishes, so I got an open ticket here and now I want to stay.”

If Jade wills it, then we can only welcome Jason into Jackiey’s life, mother of Jade and mother-in-law to Jack, and say that it is Jod’s will……

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