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Plot To Kill Big Brother Star

by | 12th, June 2009

big-brother-killerIN “Psycho threat to kill girl of Big Brother boss”, the Sun’s Colin Robertson says:

CHANNEL 4 chiefs were in panic last night after a fan threatened to kill boss Andy Duncan’s daughter if they did not reinstate the Big Brother live feed.

Attacking the children is all the rage. David Letterman has joked about Sarah Palin’s 14-year-old daughter being raped.

Now this:

Police have launched a probe into the sick email as the chief executive has two young girls.

How young – just out of interest so we know where the line in threatening children is drawn?

The anonymous nut wrote: “Bring back the live feed or I’ll kill your daughter.”

Given the challenges facing Channel 4, Duncan may make a show out of this: The 100 Best Death Threats Ever; At Home With The Duncans; You The Controller.

Channel insiders said they hoped the writer was “lashing out” and did not actually know Mr Duncan’s family set-up.

Fingers crossed. But what if he – and it’s a he, right? – does know the Duncan family set up?

One said: “Everyone is very spooked by the email. It was a horrible thing to send. We’re hoping the reference to killing a ‘daughter’ was just added for dramatic effect.

Well, that’s’ TV isn’t it – all hype and no do.

“Andy Duncan does have daughters so it’s horrendous to think whoever sent it might know this.”

How did they ever find out?

After breakfast with the children at home in Chaldon in Surrey, Mr Duncan takes the train into central London, picking up a cappuccino in Victoria station on the way.

The only thing to do is to restore the show’s live feed, or else fear the consequences. On a brighter note, Duncan’s kidzzz are in the papers, and thus on step to working in the media…

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