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Ahmadinejad’s Iran Pays Price For The BBC

by | 14th, June 2009

middle-eastendersIRAN blocks the BBC signal in Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, twins Tehran with Chicago, says he is the winner and all is hunky-dory. Read his speech in full here. And good news for Britiah citizens to know that freeloaders in Iran will no longer get the BBC for, well, free.

Hurrah for Ahmadinejad. Hurrah! No more Middle East Enders. Hurrah!

Ahmadinejad for Channel 4!

BBC audiences in Iran, the Middle East and Europe may be experiencing disruption to their BBC TV or radio services today. That is because there is heavy electronic jamming of one of the satellites the BBC uses in the Middle East to broadcast the BBC Persian TV signal to Iran. Satellite technicians have traced that interference and it is coming from Iran. There has been intermittent interference from Iran since Friday but this is the heaviest yet.

It seems to be part of a pattern of behaviour by the Iranian authorities to limit the reporting of the aftermath of the disputed election. In Tehran John Simpson and his cameraman were briefly arrested after they had filmed the material for this piece.

And at least one news agency in Tehran has come under pressure not to distribute internationally any pictures it might have of demonstrations on the streets in Iran.

Meanwhile in the UK, we are still paying for EastEnders and stuff the rest of the world gets for free…

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