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Big Brother Karly Ashworth Dumps Her Footballer

by | 15th, June 2009

karly-ashworthWHILE waiting to have her chest enlarged – as she surely must – Big Brother blonde No. II Karly Ashworth has dumped her boyfriend, a footballer called Gary Greenhill.

The footballer is now without a mo-del. But the summer was ever the transfer season, and while Gary, who plays for Australian club Perth, looks for a new WAG, Karly smiles on.

And moves on. Having referred to Greenhill as her ex-boyfriend, Karly has made mention of a millionaire Chinese businessman lover in New York.

Meanwhile, Gary seems refreshingly bitter:

Says a friend of Gary’s:

“He hates her for what she’s done and I can’t see any circumstances in which they could even be friends, let alone get back together.”

Well, never say never. Manchester United have money to burn and what is Karly but a waiting-to-be-airbrushed Coleen Rooney?

Says the source:

“Before she left Australia, after being accepted on ‘Big Brother’, she was begging Gary to propose but he didn’t think they could afford it. This has rocked him. Gary is so upset he has spoken about trying to get on the show to confront her.”

So upset is Gary that he wants to be flown back to Blighty to show how very upset he is to the tens of people who tune into Big Brother of a night.

Anorak recalls a similar stunt last season, when ginger knob Rex Newmark pined for his Nicole Cammack, who was then parachuted into the house. What followed was the drip-drip-drip of drippy Nicole and Nomark bickering and dripping over one another.

To repeat the stunt would be foolish, but, then, this season of Big Brother has got off to such an uninteresting start, having been forced by the demands of the EU Celebrity Mountain to import non-entities from overseas and use a jobbing glamour model, that nothing desperate should be ruled out…

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