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Loyal Ahmadinejad Newspaper Publishes Doctored Pictures

by | 17th, June 2009

ahmadinejad-photshopTHAT Mahmoud Ahmadinejad photoshops images is big news. Some of you may recognise some faces from yesterday’s pro-Gordon Brown rally in the third cubicle from the right in Westbury station.

But what about that image? It seems to have been published on the front page of  كيهان (Kayhan), an Iranian newspaper. And what kind of paper is that?

According to RezaMoini.

Kayhan is a major conservative daily. More importantly, it’s a medium for propaganda for the powerful. It maintains close ties to Iranian security services and follows the Islamic platform of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei. Kayhan has no credibility. As a side note, the head of the newspaper is none other than the former chief of interrogation for Evin, Tehran’s largest prison.

Can this be right? Paper loyal to Ahmadinejad produces picture that shows Ahmadinejad in a better light?

Tsk! As if Britain would have biased newspapers:


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