Anorak News | Badger Found Naked In Man’s Bathroom

Badger Found Naked In Man’s Bathroom

by | 22nd, June 2009

badger-toiletRON DAVIES was right badgers do want watching. In Meldreth Road, Shepreth, a badger is making use of the toilet at the Thomas family home.

Father-of-two Mark Thomas, 36, was working on the kitchen, which he is renovating, when he nipped to the toilet to look at the plumbing.

A builder and a badger? We’ve been here before…

It was then the landscape gardener was confronted by the 2ft-foot long badger at his home in Meldreth Road, Shepreth, yesterday afternoon.

What was the badger doing? No, don’t tell us.

“I heard this growling coming from the toilet and I thought it was my mate messing about.”

Can’t hear you. Shan’t listen. Na-na-na-na…

“I went into the toilet and came upon this badger that was staring me in the face. It was cornered. It was really lucky I hadn’t been caught short – or it could have been really nasty.”


Says wife Julie, moving on form her husband’s deepest fear to her own:

“We don’t want to go anywhere near it. They can be really vicious. I have a young baby here and it could have killed him if it had got near him.”

And daughter Rebecca voices her own concern:

“I do feel sorry for the poor little thing. It is all curled up beside the toilet bowl.”

Like huge, hairy misplaced turd.

Badgers. Beware!

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