Anorak News | Mickey Rourke Wants To Slap Perez Hilton’s Bottom

Mickey Rourke Wants To Slap Perez Hilton’s Bottom

by | 22nd, June 2009

mickey-rourke-perezMICKEY Rourke wants to slap Perez Hilton’s ass. Mickey Rourke wants to spank Perez Hilton.

Perez Hilton is gay. Mickey Rouke is so-gay he feel uncomfortable wiping his own bum. Says Mickey Rourke:

Chris Jericho, you better get in shape. Because I’m coming after your ass.”

So un-gay is he:

SAYS Mickey Rourke, who is embroiled in controversy with Sean Penn:

When pressed about his rumored romance with Marilyn Manson’s ex-Evan Rachel Wood (who incidentally plays Rourke’s lesbian daughter in the film), Rourke esoterically shoots back, “She’s a good friend, that’s it. And tell that f*ggot who wrote all that sh*t in the paper I’d like to break his f*cking legs.”

Run, Perez, run. Not that way. Not like that. Run backwards. Oh, you are running backwards… Oh dear. Maybe he’ll catch you and you’ll find a place to get married.

Video of Mickey Rourke touching wood and talking about Perez Hilton as the snappers try to engage him in conversation.


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