Anorak News | Farrah Fawcett’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Marriage

Farrah Fawcett’s ‘Pulp Fiction’ Marriage

by | 24th, June 2009

farrah_fawcettANORAK’S Man in LA continues to look at Farrah Fawcett’s celebrity cancer:

Says TB:

Wonder if hard-hitting news veteran Barbara Walters will get to the bottom of the controversy over Ryan O’Neal’s control over cancer-stricken Farrah Fawcett in her final days? Wonder no more. The promotion department at ABC is working overtime to hype the 20/20 segment that airs Friday night, and the big “get” is O’Neal’s insistence that the iconic actress has agreed to marry him on her deathbed.

Says O’Neal: “We will (marry), as soon as she can say ‘yes.'”

“As soon as she can say ‘yes.'”

O’Neal, who has been accused by some of Farrah’s friends of engineering an “estate takeover,” laughed when he added:

“Maybe we can just nod her head.”

He was still having fun when he spoke about how he’d dress for the wedding:

“Like a gigolo. A little thin moustache and slicked-back hair. I don’t know.”

There has been no comment from Farrah. The 62-year-old star is said to be heavily sedated, and at last word, has been re-admitted to the hospital.

This has led to questions about the veracity of O’Neal’s statements and the intentions behind the wedding. But not, apparently, from Barbara Walters.

O’Neal and Farrah were tempestuous, (on-and-off) lovers for years (they have a son, Redmond, who’s jailed on drug charges), but broke up officially a dozen years ago. He came back into her life during her cancer battle and recently made headlines when he seized control of the cancer documentary she had been producing and with the help of NBC News, turned it into a maudlin, morbid elder version of “Love Story” with O’Neal reprising his role.

Said one friend:

“Ryan thinks the documentary will do to his career what ‘Pulp Fiction did to Travolta’s.”

Walters, with the 20/20 investigative unit and powerful ABC News organization at her disposal, might still surprise us and delve into the charges, mystery and uproar around O’Neal’s control over Farrah in her dying days. It will be interesting to see if the tabloid babies who create her segnments dig away to find the truth, or, in more standard network procedure, make deals with public relations firms, promising to stay away from certain hot topics in exchange for “exclusives’ like wedding announcements.

As for the deathbed wedding, O’Neal tells Walters:

“I promise you, we will. Absolutely.”

– TB

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