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Burglars Steal Trampolines To Break Into Flats

by | 1st, July 2009

trampolineTrampolines are being used by burglars to break into flats, stolen, and are causing children to die beneath the weight of drunken adults…

MATTHEW Nice has been told by his landlord to remove his daughter Yasmin’s trampoline lest burglars use it to break into the first floor, second floor and, should they be very fat jumping from the second floor window ledge, the third, fourth and fifth floors.

Mr Nice, of Market Avenue, Wickford, tells us:

It would be one dumb burglar who would try to use a tiny trampoline to jump into a window. If it was a giant 20ft trampoline that would be one thing, but this is only 3ft wide and 12 inches high.”

Big enough for Rat Boy…

“It’s complete rubbish anyone would use it to help them break in. There are wheelie bins around here and they are much taller than that.”

To put the tin lid on the story, it turns out that Mr Nice is a health and safety inspector. He asks:

“It’s the only area children have got to play in. If they can’t play there, where are they supposed to go?”

One would venture the wheelie bin, that mobile, weatherproof Wendy House.

Mr Nice may even come to thank his landlord. It’s only a matter of time before the trampoline is stolen and Mr Nice becomes a victim:

AN astonished mum has blasted thieves who stole her children’s trampoline from the garden of their Coatbridge home. Leanne Boulton called the theft “pointless” and says sons Ryan, six, and Callum, four, have been left disappointed by the loss of the outdoor apparatus. The family were stunned to find that the trampoline, complete with bulky seven-foot surrounding enclosure, had been taken from the back garden of their house in Croy Road.

And then there is chance of injury:

Researchers from Ninewells Hospital in Dundee have revealed that children are being injured on trampolines because many drunken adults are crowding them leaving no space at all.

Or drunken burglars…

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