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China’s Intranet Internet Bans CNN And Digg

by | 2nd, July 2009

CHINA Telecom loosk to be blocking “unhealthy” content, popping up a green damn to stop the viewers seeing things like CNN and Digg. The message claims to be from “mommy and daddy“.

China is your family now.


On Danwei, readers react:

The notice asks you to enter a password if you want to see the “unhealthy” content, and says that it’s a notice from “mommy and daddy.”

Another adds:

Starting from last year, the local government ordered companies, especially the larger (foreign) factories, to purchase a nice little device that would monitor their internet activity. In addition to a regular service fee, of course. I saw the newsletter/press release introducing this new measure “to ensure the safety of the company”, and it read like a bad science fiction movie.

This sums it up:

The Great Chinese Intranet is born.

The introverted web…

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