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Ronnie Biggs Has Pneumonia And A Fractured Spine

by | 6th, July 2009

ronnie-biggsRONNIE Biggs is ill. The Great Train robber lies in Norfolk and Norwich Hospital after being moved from a nearby prison.

The picture you see is one sent by Biggs’ lawyer Giovanni Di Stefano to MPs, part of petition to have Biggs released.

Ronnie Biggs’ son Michael says his father is suffering from pneumonia, plus fractures of the hip, pelvis and spine. Mr Di Stefano says his client has suffered three strokes. Di Sefano says Biggs is unable to walk or speak.

The parole board recommends that Biggs be released. But Justice Secretary Jack Straw says no, that Biggs is “wholly unrepentant” about his crimes.

ronnie-biggs-youngBiggs is not sorry, says Straw. But Biggs cuts a sorry figure.

He was sentenced to 30 year choky for his part in the 1963 train robbery. Train driver Jack Mills was hit on the head, suffering serious injuries. He never fully recovered from his injuries and died seven years later.

After 15 months inside, Biggs famously escaped jail in a furniture van. He then spent 30 years on the run.

In 2001, he retuned to Blightly. And he was jailed.

Should Ronnie Biggs be freed? Is Ronnie Biggs the man you see in the hospital bed? Or is Ronnie Biggs forever the cocksure young man who evaded his sentence, one had he served he would not be free of?

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